News & Events:

Christmas 2020: Ronald MacDonald House Donation helps Kids in time of need:

The yearly Christmas fun bag donation of chocolates, toys & candy was well received with an unexpected influx of kids into the Randwick House due to the bush fires. With 19 kids and their families in the house for Christmas Day the bags were well received by kids and their families. Thank you to the great staff at Ronald MacDonald House for their kind assistance on the day unloading the car. See you at Easter for for yearly choc bunny run.

Aerial Search Rescue Asia Pacific Conference Melbourne February 2019:

This conference was a very well organised and relevant event. Speakers from Australia, PNG, Maldives, New Zealand and Europe attended with thought provoking topics which provided great insight into the challenges of agencies around the world. Delegates were also given rare insight into the AMSA Challenger jet capability and the complexity of aerial search and rescue in Antarctica. 

Article Published in UK Institute of Civil Defence and Emergency Management London

An article on off-shore helicopter safety and the advances in off-shore emergency safety was published in Dec 2018. The article written by CJ Manjarres-Wahlberg has provided an interesting insight into off-shore helicopter operations in Australia and the significant challenges faced by helicopter crews compared to those in Europe.

CJ Manjarres-Wahlberg Completes Lloyds Lead Auditor Course:

In November 2018, OHSE Specialist "CJ" completed the Lloyed's of London ISO 9001 Lead Auditors course and has subsequently been listed on the Lloyd's auditors register.

HEM International Joins HeliOff-Shore:

HEMI is proud to announce that it has joined HeliOff-Shore the oldest and most respected industry leader in off-shore Aviation safety.. The organisation brings together helicopter operators, users and industry experts in an effort to improve helicopter safety worldwide through collaboration, research and implementation of industry best practice standards. 

HEM International signs Corporate Social Responsibility partnership with Integrated Project Solutions:

In a very positive move for both HEM International (HEMI) and Integrated Project Solutions (IPS) the two companies have entered into a long term agreement to jointly support Ronald MacDonald House, Opportunity International, Careflight NSW & UNICEF. With the increasing need for support within the community, this is a positive step towards being responsible community members.


Leading Indicator for Safety Performance:

Measuring safety performance can be done in several ways. But what is the best way to measure safety that not only records your statistics but measures how effective your doing at preventing future incidents in the workplace?

Lagging Indicators:

In the world of safety, a lagging indicator measures incidents in the form of a past statistic.

Examples of lagging indicators:

  • Injury frequency and severity

  • Lost time

  • Worker’s compensation costs

Leading Indicators:

They are measurements of safety events or behaviours that occur pre incident. And it is their predictive nature that provide actionable data that forward-thinking businesses can use to improve future safety performance. That is, an improvement in your lead indicators should result in an improvement in your lag indicators.

Examples of leading indicators:

  • Safety training

  • Employee Competencies

  • Opportunities identified and corrected

  • Reduction of risk factors

  • Employee perception surveys

  • Safety audits


The effective incorporation of lead indicators into a system can drive the identification and elimination/control of key risks in the workplace. In order to implement them successfully, lead indicators should be:

  • Actionable

  • Achievable

  • Meaningful

  • Transparent

  • Easy to communicate

  • Valid

  • Useful

  • Timely


Generally, a combination of both lagging and leading indicators is the best way to reduce risks in the workplace. But starting to incorporate more leading indicators into your safety management will leave you better positioned to anticipate, prevent or eliminate risks and losses, monitor and evaluate performance, and motivate safe behaviour among workers.

SAFE WORK AUSTRALIA Release Psychological Health & Safety Guide:

The new guidance material is intended for both employers and workers, and describes a systematic and practical approach to managing work-related psychological health and safety.

Poor psychological safety costs Australian organisations $6 billion in lost productivity a year, primarily because psychological injuries typically require 3x more time off work than other injuries. Additionally, workplaces with poor psychological working conditions accrue 43 per cent more sick days per month.

The guide is available at:

HEM International signs long term partnership with Integrated Project Solutions:

In a very positive move for both HEM International (HEMI) and Integrated Project Solutions (IPS) the two companies have entered into a long term partnership for HEMI to provide a range of safety, risk & emergency management services to projects IPS manages.

Ronald MacDonald House Monash Celebrates 25th Anniversary:

Both HEMI & IPS workers attended the 25th Anniversary of Ronald MacDonald House Monash in May in recognition of an on-going support of Ronald MacDonald House. Both companies have engaged in a joint Corporate Social Responsibility statement which supports a number of community organisations.

Hazard Emergency Management International Moves into NZ Operations:

Exciting times for HEM International as it moves towards the commencement of operations with a small office in the New Zealand capital of Wellington. HEM International is looking forward to new challenges within the NZ sector and establishing working relationships with NZ businesses in the provision of sound Safety Management System solutions.

Easter Egg Donation Ronald MacDonald House Monash, Melbourne:

Keeping with a long tradition of donating chocolate easter eggs to sick kids at Easter. HEM International continues this tradition in 2018 with 90 easter eggs donated to the the Ronald MacDonald Charities Monash House in Melbourne.

Safety 360 Auckland, New Zealand:

HEM International attended the annual Safety 360 conference in Auckland New Zealand with special interest in the Safety Leadership and Hazardous Materials Summits. An impressive cast of professionals provided an informative and engaging conference. With the recent changes to OHS legislation and OHS regulations in New Zealand much is happening in the Safety Space. Engaging conversation was also had between a HAZMAT presenter and member of the New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society regarding potential changes to workplace exposure standards.